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A creative guy who loves stories.

I'm a camera geek whose passion for cinema has led me to produce documentaries (Mars Project, They Heard Voices) that have screened internationally and continue to be used as instructional tools in universities. I've also shot and produced work for marketing/production companies, magazines, record labels, non-profits as well as fellow independent producers.

As a professional Visuals Tech. in Toronto for 10+ years, I've helped facilitate events and presentations for virtually every sector of the economy, at some of the most popular venues in the city. My specialties are: digital projection, video switching, camera operation and project management.

I tackle every project with enthusiasm and technical proficiency, plus an artful eye. See my IMDBYoutube or Vimeo for more background.

Feel free to contact me using the form below, looking forward to hearing from you!

Photo: C.Peter

Photo: C.Peter


Jonathan Balazs

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