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A film offering multiple perspectives: is schizophrenia hard science or an arbitrary, catch-all term with no real meaning? What does it mean for those experiencing psychosis? The film is a series of wide-ranging interviews with voice hearers, medical historians, anthropologists and psychiatrists from Britain and America.

Featuring: Erin Emiru, Rai Waddingham, Kevin Healey, Mark Roininen, Angela Woods (Ph.D), Edward Shorter (Ph.D), Dr Avery Krisman, Dr Albert Wong, Suman Fernando, and Stefen Ecks (Ph.D).


December 2016 - Durham University "Hearing Voices" Exhibition (UK)

April 2017 - MIND & University of London (UK)

July 2017 - HVN-NYC & ISPS-US, Jefferson Market Library (USA)

September 2017 - (Int'l Hearing Voices Day) - Prise II Montreal, Cinema Beaubien (CANADA)

Hollywood Theater Portland, Oregon (USA)

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